Tuesday, February 24, 2009

long weekend!!!!!

this past weekend was very long and really fun. Friday: me and my parents and lil man met my brother michael his wife heather and their son Cody for lunch. After lunch me and lil man went with heather and Cody to go get princess from school but oops on the way we got a flat. LOL. Then after getting that fixed and getting princess back to their house for a fun time of visiting and playing wii. I really loved that game have to get one when I save extra money. Anyways Saturday back home we packed again and off to grandma foreman's for the nite. My mom and grandma watched the kids why me and my cousin becky went to my other cousin Steph's house for a party so much fun. Had a blast. After the party me and becky kept going we went to a store I won't name and then met up with my kids dad and his friend and went to another one of those stores. Me and my kids dad had to play sex 101 questions with my cousin so funny. So that night we didn't get to my grandma's until 5:30 am. Let me tell ya I was so tired cause I had to be up so early for a diff cousins bridal shower Sunday. We had fun there to but let me say I'm not young anymore but I can still hang and have fun I so want to do it more often. Mommies need a break too. LOL. So that was my long weekend and ready to do it all again Steph when is the next party and single guys please LOL. And not u know who already dated that not fun at all LOL.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr. Right come find ME!!!!!!

Guys! Guys! Guys! What can any woman want a guy. But not just any guy a great guy who is true, faithful, honest, and it don't hurt if they look good too. As u can tell I am thinking about guys. Not a certain one just any guy. I am here lately wondering if Mr. Right is out there. Tell me ladies where do I look cause I do have two beautiful kids and I need a guy who loves kids. Is there really a guy out there? I don't want to be single anymore I want a guy to lean on have fun with and most of all love me and my kids. I don't mind hearing about other peoples relationships but I want to be able to talk about mine to. And I just hate looking. When I was younger it was easy to find a guy now a days it's not so easy. Like way back then the guys just want one thing and I just ain't like that and won't be like that. Let me tell ya I have been in love twice and if I could mold those two guys together I would have the perfect guy for me. I think it will happen in time but dammit it's time for me to be happy like all my friends LOL. So let me close with this if you know a guy out there that u think would be right for me hook a sister up yo LOL.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My pregnancies have brought me two wonderful children. They are the only two people in the world that make me so so happy. First I had my princess: she weighed in at 7lbs 5oz and 21 1/2 inches long. We found out we were pregnant on January 1,2000 and we were very suprised. When I went to the doctor I found out I couldn't work so I stayed home and baby sat one little boy. Let me tell ya I thought I was dying with her cause I puked 24hrs a day it sucked bad. The day we found out we were having a girl we went to elcentro college. Thomas, me, my mom, and his niece meleigha. They told us we were having a girl well we actually thought we were having a boy. I had went out and bought boy things and here we go having to do returns. The happens though was amazing just knowing that she would be here in August. Skip ahead a little I had three showers with her. My friends threw me one, my Aunt Karen, and my Aunt Susan. I could not believe all the things I got. Skip ahead a little more the day of the delivery mom and dad took me to the hospital around 5 o'clock on August 23rd 2000. I was at a three when I got there and the doctor accidentally broke my water and I didn't get my epidural until a seven. My mom and a friend of mine was in the room during the delivery and I will never forget it she was born at 3:20 all the grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles were so excited. She was finally here and we are the proudest parents ever. Now my princess is 8 going on 25 and in the 3rd grade and in gt. We are very proud of her.
Our lil man weighed in at 9lbs 4oz and 21inches long. Now for him we didn't have a clue we were pregnant again but excited. I was really sick so my mom took me to the er in October of 2007 that is where the nurse came into the ultrasound room (I was told by a doc office I had a ulser) and told me I was 6wks pregnant. I was very shocked to say the least. So we went home and decided since my dad just had a heart attack that month to wait a while before telling him. So holidays passed now it was the end of January and I told my dad he told me that he thought I was just getting fat haha. Time past several visits to the er cause of lots of pains. In March mom went with me to see what I was having and suprise suprise it's a boy. I was excited my mom wanted me to have a girl cause the last two grandkids that were born were boys. She was excited to though. I called Thomas he was very happy to be having a baby boy.Then I started getting sick alot so the doc put me on bed rest in April. I had high blood pressure and it was really bad lots of doc and er visits and being poked by lots of needles. In May i had my baby shower and again lots and lots of stuff. Well my last doc visit was June 2nd 2008. Both of my parents took me cause they had running around to do. After the visit we went to eat then to the AT&T store. On the way home my dad was going to get oil changed in edom I got out of the car to sit in the backseat I felt a pop. When I got home I had to pee (I thought) real bad so mom helped me in. Well my water broke so they decided to feed the animals call grandparents and the school to pick princess up. So we loaded back up. Got princess on the way and we are off 90 to nothing got to the hospital moved three times in rooms got in the delivery room everyone walked out except mom and lil man started to come. He did not waste time at all. I had him around 4:45 and Thomas on the way had a flat but was there right after he was born.

So as you see my deliveries were memorable and I will never forget them. My children mean everything to me and I love every minute of my life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Missing person!

Here lately I have been a little down. Other than the daily stress I have been thinking about my cousin that is in prison. Me and him have really gotten closer since he has been in there. We have wrote countless letters back and forth and I have went and seen him a few times. I just keep thinking how he got the short end of the stick and it makes me sick. Yes he did wrong but he did tell everything they wanted to know and he still got more time. I just know that when he gets to go home he is going to be a totally different person for the better. I'm not saying he was bad before but he hung around a bad crowd that made bad choices. I'm just so ready to see him and hug him and for him to meet my new addition to my little family. I guess my heart just aches cause I think that he has learned his lesson and he should get to come home.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Its a new year!!!

In this new year my life is going to be so much better. I have two wonderful kids who I love dearly. And my family who I care so deeply about. My new motto this year is " love me or hate me I don't care ". So much drama happened last year that it has only made me stronger. That drama will not interfere with this year at all. My kids and me were surrounded by love on new years with our family and friends. Also on new years day at Mamaw and Papaw's too. We had so much fun with eating good food, laughter, and games. We had a blast. At Steph's while ringing in the new year the kids played and the adults took crazy pictures. Then we watched the ball drop and went to bed to get ready for the next day. It was all so much fun I just hope we all get together again soon and get crazy again.
Kids Updates:
Princess- We went to the doctor and he said her sonograms were fine and to just keep a watch on her.
Lil Man- Besides saying momma, dada, and bye-bye he is now saying pawpaw.
My Update:
Me- Im just fine and have lots of goals to meet and I know with my family, friends, and God I will achieve them all.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy new year and may God bless each and everyone of you.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Now Christmas is Gone :(

Well the time has come and Christmas has come and gone. Santa left presents and ate cookies. The presents have all been unwrapped and put away. Now it's 365 more days until it comes around again. My kids have so many new and wonderful things they just don't really know what to play with. We spent time with all of our wonderful family and hope to see them more than just on the holidays. Let me tell ya how it all happened.
December 23rd:
We decided to spend this day with my parents. It was just me and the kids and my parents. We had such a good time. We got my dad a gravy seperator (he has wanted one for a while now). Mom we got her a new picture frame to match her room. Norm got a nintendo ds and games and a bunch of other stuff. Nathan got a toy to help him stand and more loud toys. Then that night we made gingerbread cookies.
Christmas Eve:
We spent the morning with my parents then my brother and his family came over for some pictures and more presents. The kids all played and had such a good time together. Then when they left it was a rush to get the kids ready to go meet their daddy for their Christmas with his side. We all road out to their grandparents house for more family time and presents. When we first got their Princess came running in the house she got real sick she was white as a ghost. They got to spend time with their cousins from fort worth and their aunt from abeline. Then their cousins from wylie showed up (except for one he was real sick and we all missed him very very much) and the gang was all here. We had such a great time visiting and playing but the time had come to an end. Then we loaded the car and kids and home we came to get ready for Santa to come. They sat under the tree with my dad in their pjs to hear "The Night Before Christmas". It's something my dad has done every year with Princess now they are sharing it with Lil Man. Then off to bed they go.
Christmas Day:
Santa came and brought more toys and games. Then I made Princess breakfast then off to get ready for the long day ahead. First stop take daddy home. Then off to Mamaw and Papaw's we first sit and eat lunch and then this year we took a vote and the grandsons cleaned instead of the girls. Then present time. But first Uncle Randy read the Christmas story out of the Bible for everyone to hear. Then great grands past out all the presents and the unwrapping began. Mamaw and Papaw got gifts which they cried over they were all precious that they got. Then the kids and big kids had a paper fight. Then the adults visited while the kids played and then I had to get the kids ready to go to their dads. Their grandma was sick so Lil Man came back with me. Lil Man got one extra present from his cousin it was clothes and let me tell ya I won't have to buy clothes for him until he is like 3. We all said our good byes for the night and back home to unload and rest.

This Christmas was a wonderful and I can't wait until next year. I hope every one had a great Christmas and got what they wanted and may God bless you and your family like he has mine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Well it's that time of year again. A time for love and laughter with family and friends. This year is a little different for me cause I have my Lil Man to share it all with. This is his very first Christmas. His big sister and I have already started making his memories start. Last night we did gingerbread men and yes at 6 months he helped out and loved every minute of it. Princess loves anything that we do together. I always try to do the cookies or houses with her now we are sharing them with him. They made such a mess but it was all worth the memories we made with all of us. The cookies were a blast the mess and bath times weren't so much LOL. But it was all fun, fun, fun. We have so much to do during Christmas time. The kids have two Christmas' on their daddy's side and three on mine (if you count Santa). We did our Christmas today with my parents just us and it was great. Tomorrow the kids have their Christmas with their Poppa and Nanny tomorrow Princess is looking forward to seeing all their cousins. Then Christmas morning Santa time and breakfast with my parents. Then we get ready and off to Crandall for Grandma and Pawpaw's to see more cousins and family. Then off to Mamaw and Papaw's for you guessed it more fun and cousins.

To be a single mom my kids are very blessed to have wonderful people surrounding them. I could not ask for any better people I love you all. To be honest without family and friends I would be so lost without everyone. I just want to say bless each and everyone of you and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

***Update On Princess***
She had her sonogram done on her kidneys and bladder and I will hopefully hear something Monday. So please please keep her in your prayers she needs them till we know what is going on.