Tuesday, February 24, 2009

long weekend!!!!!

this past weekend was very long and really fun. Friday: me and my parents and lil man met my brother michael his wife heather and their son Cody for lunch. After lunch me and lil man went with heather and Cody to go get princess from school but oops on the way we got a flat. LOL. Then after getting that fixed and getting princess back to their house for a fun time of visiting and playing wii. I really loved that game have to get one when I save extra money. Anyways Saturday back home we packed again and off to grandma foreman's for the nite. My mom and grandma watched the kids why me and my cousin becky went to my other cousin Steph's house for a party so much fun. Had a blast. After the party me and becky kept going we went to a store I won't name and then met up with my kids dad and his friend and went to another one of those stores. Me and my kids dad had to play sex 101 questions with my cousin so funny. So that night we didn't get to my grandma's until 5:30 am. Let me tell ya I was so tired cause I had to be up so early for a diff cousins bridal shower Sunday. We had fun there to but let me say I'm not young anymore but I can still hang and have fun I so want to do it more often. Mommies need a break too. LOL. So that was my long weekend and ready to do it all again Steph when is the next party and single guys please LOL. And not u know who already dated that not fun at all LOL.

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  1. beggars can't be choosers...it might take getting out of Martin's Mill to find the man of your dreams...